Alon-Lee Green: From Organizing Baristas to Fighting the Occupation

AJPA’s Grace Gleason and Alon-Lee Green
On February 24, 2018, over 20,000 people gathered in the streets of South Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s planned deportation of thousands of African asylum seekers starting in April. The mass protest brought together African refugees and Israelis of many backgrounds. One of the principal leaders responsible for this feat of unity was 30-year-old Tel Avivian Alon-Lee Green, a seasoned political organizer and co-founder of the Standing Together (Omdim B’Yachad) movement. He became well-known in Israel as one of the young leaders of the massive social justice protests of the summer of 2011 – which, at its peak, brought half a million people to the streets – but his journey as an activist started much earlier. Four days after the anti-deportation demonstration, Green spoke with the American Jewish Peace Archive about the story of his activism – including his views on grassroots organizing, the importance of making a connection between domestic issues and the occupation, and the potential for Jewish-Arab cooperation to create political change within Israeli society. Read more

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