Remembering 103 Years of Jesse Zel Lurie

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Lurie with AJPA Director Aliza Becker in 2015
Stories from the life of longtime Middle East peace advocate J Zel Lurie. “He knew the history of these internal Jewish conflicts from before the creation of the State. So, the concept of disagreement and dissent as ways of expressing patriotism were part of his way of looking at the present arguments over the same thing they were arguing about before the State: What is Israel and how can it live with Arabs?” Read more of Lurie’s story here.

When the Jewish Defense League Assaulted Breira

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A fight breaks out with the JDL outside the Breira Conference in February 1977. Photo credit Bill Aron.
“The apparent resurgence of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) harkens back to a critical and transitional moment in the history of the American Jewish community.” Renowned educator and former Breira activist Peter Geffen reflects on his own experience with the extremist Jewish organization in 1977, and how the community landscape has changed in the interim. Read more here.