Courier for Peace

Gail Pressberg
In 1977, Gail Pressberg – at great risk – served as a secret courier carrying messages between an Israeli Knesset (Parliament) member in Israel, and a Palestinian leader living in Paris who was an advisor to Palestinian Liberation Organization chair Yasser Arafat. The secret (and illegal) messages delivered by Pressberg explored the “possibility of Israeli Zionists talking to PLO nationalists.” The Palestinian was Dr. Issam Sartawi, Arafat’s liaison to the Israeli peace movement and an advocate of recognition of Israel.  The Knesset member was Matiyahu “Matti” Peled, a leader of the Israeli peace movement.  Pressberg believes that the dialogue she helped facilitate was key in the lead up to the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords.  Read Pressberg’s story here >