Campus Tours

Perhaps the Jewish Student Movement first campus tour was in 1969 and featured General Secretary of the Labor Party Aryeh “Lova” Eliav. After the 1967 War, he had spent six months exploring the occupied territories and reported that he found “an evolving Palestinian nation with all the trappings which make for a national movement and a people.” This experience shaped the message of Eliav’s campus talks, during which he regularly recited a Talmudic tale about two men who come to a rabbinic court both holding the same tallit. Each claimed it as his own and presented equal evidence of ownership. According to Talmudic law, the obligation of the rabbi was to cut the tallit in half and give each his portion. “In Israel”, Eliav said, “you have something similar – two peoples holding the same land – so you have to cut the land into two.”