The short-lived Radical Zionist Alliance (RZA) started as a network in 1969 and was formally founded in June, 1970  as a grassroots, chapter-based national organization that advocated for peace and justice in Israel and Palestinian national self-determination using terminology from international liberation movements and early socialist Zionist ideologues. RZA combined leftists from the civil rights and anti-war movements and those from traditional socialist Zionist youth groups such as Habonim Dror and Hashomer Hatzair. There was some political tension between the two segments, as the former were highly critical of the parent parties of Zionist youth groups that dominated the then-ruling coalition in Israel. The group placed great importance on debates with the anti-Zionist left through the media, including its own newspaper Nitzotz, and face-to-face debates. The majority of RZA activists advocated emigration to Israel as the best means to change Israeli society and influence American Jewish consciousness, coining the slogan “Be a Revolutionary in Zion and a Zionist in the Revolution.” The strong commitments of the group also caused problems: it resulted in a leadership vacuum when many key leaders made aliyah.